What A Difference You Will Make!

We are “Butterfly Breeders“.

“Butterflies” shaped the present and your butterflies help shape the future. Some of the most powerful butterflies are born in commerce and philanthropy.

Alley Forge is a service of Commonwealth Guild which provides free, social media posting for the community-oriented businesses and non-profit agencies that serve our tri-urban districts (Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.). The postings may be structured as a blog, an advertisement or a combination of both.  Each “page” can be posted in single categories or in one of the site’s special offers.

Junior Membership in Commonwealth Guild is free to any individual or business and to invited non-profits. Senior Membership is open to all,  with additional services,  but also has a $50 annual fee.

We are launching our Beta Test and we hope that you will participate. Our structure on the consumer side of our markets is extremely informal, except for the R.A.W. Power services.  Our testing has strongly indicated that our goals may be more easily achieved by keeping our sites casual.



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