About The Guild

The Commonwealth Guild is a service of Urban Fair Trade LLC of Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia.

For six years, we have been examining, at the street and alley level, the circumstances behind the decline in the quality of life in Philadelphia. We have taken apart each problem to what we feel is its starting point.

COMMONWEALTHGUILD.com, WHEREISROBYN.com and Alley Forge present our conclusions, including potential remedies  that individuals can try on their own,  without cost and with no more effort than the individual chooses to use.

The sites form a Buck’s Capacitor — What makes hacking the phuture* possible.

The personal remedies of individuals who use those tools will blend and ripple into great changes in our network.

We have no outside funding, no affiliations with any nonprofit agencies, no political agendas and no religious associations.  Any recommendation or information that you find on any of our sites is based on field testing, with statistical backup, common sense and ‘street smarts’ — With a dash of Robin Hood to add some adventure, and maybe a bit of mischief, to the mix.

The attention of the entire world will be on Philadelphia even before 2026 and our city is completely unprepared for that amount of evaluation.  But there is enough time to change all of that, and it won’t be as hard to accomplish as you might think.

These steps don’t require that you work with a group, or even reveal your identity. 

Everything on these sites is intended to serve as a catalyst for a change in one thing –Respect.

Respect for Yourself. Respect for Your Neighbors. Respect for Strangers. Respect for Our City.

If you seek the causes of ANY human behavior,  you will find “Respect” or “Disrespect” as what started the event that you experienced or saw.  Its power can not be over-stated.

There is NO act of respect, or act of disrespect, that is too small to have an impact.

Of course that sounds too simplistic, but please take a few moments to check the sites and see if you were mistaken in having that first impression.

*PHuture = Pursuit of Happiness for the Future.

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