The Butterfly Effect

EVERYTHING that you do, say or imagine is literally history-making.  Every person acts like a card dealer, shuffling and re-shuffling the cue cards that will become the hands that the future will be dealt.

Every action any of us takes shuffles the future a little bit more.

When a person yawns, or laughs, it’s a contagious act that prompts anyone who is near them to do the same. Like all butterflies, it has an effect that changes what would have happened if there had been no butterfly.

Butterfly Effects have exponential powers because of the chain reactions of responses that they create. That makes EVERYONE a Power Broker. (def. A person who affects the distribution of political or economic power by exerting influence or by intrigue.)

A Penny for Your Thoughts: If you take a single penny and double the total every day, in a month you will have over 500 million pennies. (If you add the days’ totals together, you would have more than a billion pennies.)

Everything that you do changes your future in some small way. The changes ripple out and influence what other people do, adding a nearly infinite number of changes to people’s lives and futures. What starts as a “penny” with you can grow into a massive impact on countless lives. You can’t be everywhere, but your “butterflies” already are.

Something small that YOU do today could start a chain reaction that determines who wins an election a thousand years from now.  Or who becomes your friend tomorrow.

The PHuture is in YOUR hands.

SKEPTICAL? You are a unique combination of chromosomes that came together during an exact moment when all of the conditions needed for your conception intersected.  If ANYTHING had been different, someone else would have been born in your place.

YOU are the result of the blending of the butterflies that shaped your parents and put them where they needed to be so that the world could benefit from your existence.

There is no way to predict what a butterfly will leverage into. Something as small as your next smile may ripple into the most important thing that you ever do.  Only time will tell, but the possibilities are infinite.

We represent butterflies with the cartoon butterfly at the left or with a caret (^) —- a proof reading notation that means “something needs to be added here”.


Righting the Future


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