Site Introductions — Level One


Urban Fair Trade LLC is a Think Tank, located in Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia. Our small network of sites is meant to recommend various free actions that the city’s residents can initiate in our efforts to revitalize Philadelphia.

Those actions are based on the power of “respect”, a small action that replicates itself exponentially, with out-sized results.


We refer to acts of respect or disrespect as Jawnnies, as a reminder that everything any resident of Philadelphia does effects our city in some small way.

Every Jawnnie makes the future different than it would have been without that Jawnnie.


Jawnnies are an “invisible hand” that reshuffles future events with different “cue cards” to the people of that time.

The simple Jawnnies that we present on these sites can literally revitalize Philadelphia before our target date of July 4, 2026 —– The Sestercentennial of the American Declaration of Independence.


Robyn’s First Aid is our  free download feature for a selection of books that reflect pieces of the Robin Hood legends in the lives of ordinary people.

Each of the Jawnnies that we are recommending also have high RH Factors.

Where is Robyn? is a blend of our free downloads, our bound versions of remastered classics that are for sale and the items of branded merchandise that are available.


Hacks To The PHuture is our email hosting service.

Since every email sent or received is a Jawnnie, that short address becomes a gentle shout out to Philadelphia and to the shining future that its grassroots residents are creating for it.


Jawnnie Packs are first aid kits that are customized to address a few of the special needs of Philadelphia’s curbside residents.

One third of the fees generated by the email site provide funding for this program.


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