Re-Masters of The Universe

Project Gutenberg and are two of the many online libraries where out of print books have been digitalized from their old, rare, surviving copies. Our Robin Hood book was one such archived book.

Unfortunately, digitalizing old books results in copies that are often hard to read, especially for text-to-voice readers.

To restore these books, a human being is needed to interpret words that are distorted from their original quality by age, water damage and improper scanning. It’s not difficult, but it does take time to do well.

Remastered works can be donated to libraries or to archives. Or you can sell it through Amazon without upfront costs and for a royalty that is chosen by the author.  Books that are more than 100 years old are usually in the public domain so there are very few limits on their use.

You probably won’t get rich, but it can generate monthly payments to you and eventually to your heirs.  Whether you remaster for profit or you remaster to archive your work as a public service, your influence over future events will be hard for anyone to ignore.

Personal Anecdote: In addition to the pleasure of reading, our “remaster” experienced a noticeable improvement in cognitive functioning that eliminated his rare, but annoying, “senior moments”.

By the Way, Cookbooks are very popular, so there can also be a market for a cookbook of folk recipes, which is an accurate description for what an heirloom cookbook is.

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