Who? Me?!

An heirloom cookbook is a journal of a family’s history and the love that was shared during meals and  special celebrations.

Authoring a cookbook, just like writing any story, is a lot like a game of Stadium Checkers® that you are playing against five opponents: Who, What, Where, When and How.

Step by step, you create a maze to get your pieces “Home”, while at the same time “4 Ws & H” move the rings into different maze layouts than the one that you imagined at the beginning of the “game”

But “No plan survives the first encounter…”

To get where you planned, you’ll sometimes find that part of the story needs a little bit more “pixie dust” to make it work, so you go sideways, or down and sideways or sideways and then down to pick up that connecting piece of the maze. But that’s okay because straight from “Start” to “Home” makes for a boring game and an even more boring story.

If you listen to them, your recipes and your memories won’t let you write a boring story. You may be the coach, but they are the team.  And they will always push for their own, rightful proportion of your story.

There will be many options for reaching the “Home” in your story, and your way won’t be the same as someone else’s, because every author puts a piece of their “soul” into their work.

More “soul” makes a better story. The words that come naturally to you are better for that than any words that are just put into the story to be “impressive”.

Homer, one the first and most popular published story tellers of all time couldn’t even read or write.  His books have lasted almost 3,000 years, filled with tales of the adventures of others and a great deal of his own “soul”.

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