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Time Capsules

Books are the windows into their authors’ souls. They are shortcuts to pleasure, human connection and wisdom.  Books are time capsules that can burst an author’s legacy across hundreds or even thousands of years.

Thanks to home printers and print-on-demand publishers, virtually anyone with enough skills to write an email can add “Author” to the story of their lives.


Your family’s history is recorded in its favorite recipes.

Every milestone adds its own unique flavor to the food that celebrated it.  (If you treat them right, even daily meals are a celebration)

If you would like to put your real family jewels into a book that will be treasured for generations, we invite you to use our free services to publish your masterpiece on your home printer or through a print-on-demand publisher.

Publishing in ebook form costs you nothing.  In print, each copy will cost you less than $5.

Our Blog’s text editor has features that simplify the layout and editing chores that are necessary for cookbook publishing.

Most people don’t think about their family recipes as being a valuable asset.

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