R & D

R & D is the first step necessary before any successful project can even get off of the ground.

You may not see them at first, but everyone has regular opportunities to reshuffle their futures through an infinite number of entrepreneurial endeavors.  Here are several possibilities that you may want to consider:

R.A.W. Power

As a treasured gift to friends and family, or as the cornerstone of career in publishing, an Heirloom Cookbook is a project that anyone can manage.

Help a Community Solution

Volunteer for a local community agency and experience the rewards and the work that brings those rewards.  If you eventually decide to create your own agency, crowd funding can help you finance an exciting, new approach.

Create a Gig Job or a New Business

Understanding how the world works is most important part of “Research” that needs to precede any “Development”.

Fiverr represents gig workers whose artist talents can be reviewed at your leisure to assess the competition and discover where your skills fit into work that people are willing or anxious to purchase.

Google Workspace provides several, useful business services that can inexpensively provide the technology that is needed in every business, as well as Google Certificates that can train you for good jobs or be used to establish your credentials if you take your new skills in an independent direction.

Remasters of the Universe

Every book that can be found is being scanned into digital form for posterity. Unfortunately, the quality of many rare or older books makes their scanned versions nearly unreadable.

Archives.org and ProjectGutenberg.org provide free access to most of those books. Remastering any of those old books is a valuable service to the future. It may also be leveraged into a small, virtually perpetual income stream if the remastered work is published (No upfront charges) with Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com

Alley Forge

This networking site was designed to help you with research and development for your ideas and your plans. Exchange questions, advice or simply comment on the posts that cover a variety of topics that can help you turn your dreams into solid courses of action.

Because research should include all points of view and experience, we  suggest that you also use one of the free, artificial intelligence services. Submit an assortment of topics that are either for or against your personal impressions of a plan or situation. AI can become a valuable addition to your circle of advisors.

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