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We are “Butterfly” Breeders and we are passionate about the power of small actions and their ripple effects. We believe that every individual and organization has the ability to shape the future, just like a butterfly’s wings can, theoretically, create a hurricane on the other side of the world.

Our goal is to share information about your agency, your unique “butterflies,” with the people of Philadelphia. We want to highlight how every action, word, or thought from your agency can have a profound impact on others. Through your values and your mission, you are constantly reshuffling the future in subtle yet significant ways.

People want to know that. More people NEED to know that.

By being less impulsive, individuals have the power to make thoughtful decisions and take deliberate actions that can lead to heroic outcomes. It is often easy to overlook the potential impact of our choices, but every person has the ability to shape the future in meaningful ways.

In recognizing this truth, we aim to showcase agencies and organizations that not only support and empower others but also deserve recognition and assistance themselves. We believe that there are no unimportant or disposable people when it comes to creating a better future for all.

Jawnnies.com is our network’s “Research and Development Hub”

CommonwealthGuild.com is our network’s core

WhereIsRobyn.com is our network’s entertainment section.

httph.net is our network’s email service

Please sign up at https://Jawnnies.com/wp-login.php

For your convenience: Please Contact

staff@UrbanFairTrade.com‘ if you want us to set up your account and post your own site’s “About” page, or any other page or combination of pages, for your first posting. We understand that we may have contacted you at an inconvenient time and we will try our best to make it more convenient. (You probably have enough to keep you busy already.)

At Urban Fair Trade LLC, this network’s parent site, we believe in maintaining a neutral stance and fostering an environment for all individuals, regardless of their political affiliations, religious beliefs, or business associations. 

By remaining independent from any political party, religious organization, or business group, U.F.T. ensures that our mission is not influenced by external biases or agendas. We strive to create a platform that encourages dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among our neighbors throughout Philadelphia.

Our commitment to impartiality allows us to engage with a wide range of individuals and organizations who share our vision of  building bridges between every individual and their own birthright role as a “power broker”.

In particular, our commitment to building bridges is focused on the individual and their critical roles in shaping the here and now. “Keep-It-Local” makes the goals tangible and within the capabilities and reach of anyone. 

Thanks to the “Butterfly Effect” and  “Degrees of Separation”,  eventually, every local or personal improvement (Or corruption)  influences everything anyway, like it or not.

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