Heirloom Cookbooks

Your family’s favorite meals and desserts are heart-warming reminders of your family’s heritage and of the special people who made themselves,  their ancestors, and their recipes, part of your family tree. In most households,  these ‘family jewels’ are trusted to memory or scraps of paper.

Technology has made creating a bound,  heirloom cookbook as easy to author as an email or a web posting. Print on demand publishing has made it possible to publish a bound copy of your organized recipes for less than $5 for a single copy.

We invite you to use our software to save your recipes.  We’ll put you on the right track with Amazon®  for publishing  a book (Great quality AND the least expensive) or you can use your files to create recipe booklets for yourself and for family members  on your home printer.

We charge nothing.  Amazon® charges nothing unless you order books.  If you want to sell your book, Amazon® posts it and pays you a royalty (that you set ) for each book sold (Realistically, you won’t get rich from it, but it may be something to think about because amateurs and professionals are always looking for new recipes.)

Creating an heirloom cookbook can be a unifying family project. As a gift to a new family member,  it welcomes them into the family in a very personal way.  It can easily be the most appreciated birthday or holiday gift that anyone has ever gotten because reminders of happy times are never out of style.

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