Directions for Authors

The basic steps for publishing either a cookbook, or any other kind of book, are basically the same. The directions that are given below are for all books.  There are a few additional steps for cookbooks, outlined HERE.

Step One   After you have signed in to your account, your dashboard page will open. If you are already using the site in other ways, access the dashboard through your profile page (Icon at top right corner of each page when you are signed in)

Step Two   Select “Posts” for any book or “Recipes’ for authoring a cookbook.  Your selection will create a pop out choice of “All” or “New”.“ALL”  Posts:

“NEW” Post:

The posts created are saved when you click “Publish” for a first draft or “Update“, for drafts that follow, in the right hand column. 

Each page is automatically saved every few minutes, with links to each saved document listed below the editor.  If you need to refer to or restore an older version of your post, click on the one you want.

Your posts and uploaded images are accessible only to you.

As part of the final editing, you will be able to place every page into its proper location in your book.


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