Commonwealth Alliances

Butterflies (“Jawnnies”) that are nurtured in alliances have substantial impacts on the future. They are more like shock waves than like the usual ripples in time and space that Jawnnies achieve when they are done in isolation.

Commonwealth Alliances are convenient opportunities for improved outcomes that are targeted on specific portions of everyone’s life. Each one blends the power of alliances (wings) with your own strengths and desires (roots) to give your Jawnnies R.A.W. Power (Roots And Wings emPOWERment)

For You

Where is Robyn? is a small archive of entertaining, old stories and videos that are built around many of the “Robin Hood” qualities that you probably share with that maverick from long ago.

This archive is available for free downloads by anyone.

For Your Family

Jawnnies is an open blog for Commonwealth Guild subscribers. One of the blog’s features is software that makes compiling an heirloom cookbook of your family’s favorite recipes simple and a gift that will be treasured for generations

For Your Neighborhood

The strength of a community is based on the success of its entrepreneurs.

When you “shop-local”, YOU become a key player in your neighborhood’s success.

Jawnnies features many of those entrepreneurs through informational blogs that frequently offer special considerations for your patronage.

For Your Philadelphia

Jawnnies has a special category for informational blogs presented by selected, local nonprofit agencies that represent the soul of our city.

Even if you don’t need their services or want to help them out,  it’s nice to know who’s got your back if life puts obstacles in your path.

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